Alistair was a Beast in the 1800s.


In 1854, Alistair was engaged to Rebecca Reynolds. However, her ex-fiancé, Liam Cullen, was furious over Rebecca choosing Alistair, and was intent on destroying their lives. He went on a killing spree in New York, and framed Alistair. Rebecca insisted Alistair not go after Liam, because Rebecca believed he was trying to bait Alistair to come after him so he could kill Alistair. Alistair found Liam, against Rebecca's wishes, and fought with him. Liam gained the upper hand, though, and Alistair was injured. Rebecca then brought him to the dungeon and locked him inside so he wouldn't get killed. She also left the green gem outside so he wouldn't be able to escape. However, the townsfolk later found him and dragged him to the square, where they burnt him at the stake and killed him. Rebecca arrived too late to save Alistair, and blamed herself for Alistair's death.

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