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Ashley Webster
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Ashley Webster was the wife of Alex Webster. She was the Editor-in-Chief of the New York City Beauty Magazine. Ashley was murdered by her assistant, Emily, who was having an affair with her husband.


Little is known of her life prior to her untimely death, except that she was married and worked as a editor for a fashion magazine.

In the moments leading up to her death, Ashley entered the female bathroom in the Stanwyck Hotel and collapsed. Vincent saw her collapsed, smelled the poison in her body and tried to help her. Unfortunately his efforts were in vain, she succumbed to poison in her system. In his attempt to save her life, Vincent's fingerprint unfortunately got onto a button of her jacket.

Ashley's case was assigned to and was investigated by homicide detectives Catherine Chandler and Tess Vargas. During the investigation, CSU found Vincent's fingerprint and he became the prime suspect in her murder case. However, he was quickly cleared when he explained how he saw her collapse, discovered she had been poisoned and tried to give her emergency CPR – explaining his fingerprints at the scene.

With Vincent cleared, Catherine and Tess decided to focus their investigation on her co-workers and associates. The duo figured out that her assistant, Emily, was having an affair with her husband, Alex, and confronted with her lies. Caught, Emily confessed that she killed her boss so she could be with her husband.


  • A photo of theWebsters.
  • Recently deceased Ashley.
  • Catherine at the Webster crime scene, investigating her death.
  • Ashley's husband, Alex Webster.
  • Ashley's assistant, Emily, who is also her murderer.

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