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Beast is the New Black
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date June 2, 2014
Written by Sherri Cooper & Jennifer Levin
Directed by Fred Gerber
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Cat and Mouse
Beast is the New Black is the 17th episode of the Second Season, and the 39th episode overall.


VINCENT IS ARRESTED - After Vincent (Jay Ryan) is arrested for murder, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and the team must work together at all costs to clear Vincent's name. When they discover who turned Vincent in, they realize they have a bigger enemy to handle. Sendhil Ramamurthy, Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis also star. Fred Gerber directed the episode written by Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin (#217).[1]



Vincent: The whole time I was in there, they're trying to take my DNA, all I could think about was you. You stopped me from losing myself. Catherine, don't you get it? You are my gem, okay? I want to take you everywhere with me.


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Beauty and the Beast - Arrested Trailer-000:31

Beauty and the Beast - Arrested Trailer-0

Beauty and the Beast - Arrested Trailer00:21

Beauty and the Beast - Arrested Trailer


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