• Daniellewiki


    September 18, 2017 by Daniellewiki

    Will there ever be another sequel?

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  • Asnow89

    The Season Three premiere of Beauty and the Beast (TV Series) is THIS WEEK. We can hardly contain our excitement. To celebrate, cook up a few of these dishes inspired by the show. Enjoy!

    Create a juxtaposition at your party-- have the beauty AND the beast represented. Canapés are beautiful and delicate appetizers. Catherine also makes canapés for J.T.'s party- so they are the perfect appetizer for yours!

    To represent the "beast"- make this meaty beef tenderloin for your party. It is pretty to look at AND delicious, just like a certain Vincent Keller that we know...

    As a shout out to the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, make a blueberry pie in honor of the scene where the dishes dance in front of Belle.

    We know that Catherine loves her M…

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  • DazzleMe

    Tough Love

    February 27, 2013 by DazzleMe

    The tough love between Catherine and Heather,

    Catherine and Vincent,

    Evan and his affection for Catherine,

    Darius and Heather,

    Joe and Darius,

    between Tess and Joe,

    Tess and Catherine,

    Heather and her love for everyone she keeps losing,

    Vincent's love for his lost brother,

    even JT's love for his best friend Vincent.

    Well done Writers of Beauty and the Beast. This episode showed so many parallels of tough love, it was a roller coaster ride.

    It was all about making a tough choice for love and caring about the people in your life.

    I wonder what next, will the man who was roughing Darius up,who escaped when Vincent showed up, be hunted by Muirfield and questioned? Or will Joe get there first. What will Muirfield do to stop Joe from getting to Vincent fi…

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  • DazzleMe

    Trust No One

    February 15, 2013 by DazzleMe

    Catherine helping Alex, typical Cat,she cannot leave someone to fend of on their own in dangerous situations.

    Alex believing Claire, typical too, when you care about someone you want to believe there is a way to cure them. We always look for the miracle cure rather than lose the ones we love. There is every chance that Alex Salter could return later,may even be forced to work for Muirfield.

    The scene where Claire meets Muirfield agent, does anyone else think that Claire has personal issues with Vincent Keller? The way her face changed when the agent mentions the death of the group that went after Vincent in the woods. I am thinking that she maybe a girlfriend or loved one of one of Vincent's mates from the Muirfield experiment.Maybe Muirfiel…

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  • DazzleMe

    What next for Keller?

    February 7, 2013 by DazzleMe


    Claire Sinclair ""we'll get to Vincent before the police and Muirfield will have everything to move forward"

    This brings up the question, move forward to what? Until now we as viewers have assumed that Muirfield wants Vincent Keller dead, now I am not so sure. The possibility of them wanting Vincent alive seems more and more plausible.

    Could they want him for more testing? Or is it that they need him on their side.

    Maybe they have a target that needs to be eliminated. Maybe Vincent Keller is going to become a Jason Bourne like operative.Maybe Muirfieled has something to help Vincent control his beasting and be able to use the enhancements for something definitive.

    Or JT and Evan Marks could be picked up by Muirfield for their oper…

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  • DazzleMe

    Alex Salter, the ex fiancee,kind hearted humanitarian,childhood friend.

    Alex as a character maybe disliked by some because Vincent's attention is diverted from Catherine even for a little while.

    What the character of Alex does for Vincent and Catherine is huge.

    Her return to Vincent's life makes him want to drop his guard, to go out into the world as Vince, and forget Vincent Keller the fugitive. He likes the fact that Alex knew him as a fun young man without the baggage. He cares for her, but he also cares for Catherine.

    Catherine on the other hand,just survived a murder attempt and she wakes up happy only to discover the man she believes saved her has found an important woman from his past.Someone who has shared his carefree days,being his f…

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  • DazzleMe

    I have seen many fans asking in frustration, when are they going to kiss.

    What they forget is that for Vincent, he has tracked Catherine for the past ten years. He has watched over her,been there to see her, at the least on her birthday every year.

    He has cared about her in a way, for ten years and for him to just have her near him,be able to help her,talk with her is happiness. Except for JT as a friend,Vincent has led a lonely life.

    And when they are together; Vincent's super senses must be overloaded with Catherine so near,he does not need to touch her, for her presence alone overwhelms him.

    He is so affected by her that his beastly side retreats hearing her voice placating him.

    I don't mind the prolonged wait,as I like watching the romance …

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  • Gcheung28

    Post-"Pilot" Reactions

    October 12, 2012 by Gcheung28

    The long awaited show Beauty and the Beast finally premiered last night!! The first episode, Pilot gave us some background and also set up the storyline for the season!

    If you didn't catch the premiere, here is a small recap:

    • In the beginning of the episode, we see the crime in which Catherine Chandler's mother is killed and she gets saved by a mysterious "beast".
    • Years later, Cat has become a detective and her first case that we see is the investigation of a five star hotel that has a dead body in the women’s room. She and her boss, Joe Bishop, watch security footage and see that the dead woman came into the hospital already wounded.
      • The dead woman is a fashion editor. They then find a bloody fingerprint on her pricy suit jack…
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  • Gcheung28

    Some Season 1 Predictions

    September 28, 2012 by Gcheung28

    Hey, Beauty and the Beast fans, not much time before this show airs on October 11!!! Before the premiere though, let's make some predictions about what's going to happen and see who gets the closest to the truth!

    • Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller are going to get together...but first there's gonna be a looot of tension between them!
    • Vincent's not going to be able to stay hidden forever! Question is...who's going to find out about him first? Our bet is either Tess Vargas or Cat's sister Heather.
    • Besides the romance, crime is part of this show too so we're expecting a lot of gritty action scenes and nasty criminals causing a mess!

    Check out the preview here:

    This new take on Beauty and the Beast looks pretty exciting and we can't wait for the pr…
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