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Catch Me if You Can
Season 2, Episode 15
Beauty-and-the-Beast-Episode-2.15-Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Promotional-Photos-4 595 slogo-Copy
Air date March 3, 2014
Written by Eric Tuchman
Directed by Norma Bailey
Episode Guide transcript
About Last Night
Catch Me if You Can is the 15th episode of the Second Season, and the 37th episode overall.


CAT AND VINCENT FIND THEMSELVES IN A COMPROMISING SITUATION — Feeling pulled between her current boyfriend and her ex, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) has to decide between Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Vincent (Jay Ryan).  While Cat and Vincent work together to save Sam’s (Tom Everett Scott) latest victim, Cat’s decision gets complicated when she and Vincent find themselves in a compromising situation.



Catherine: What are you doing here?
Vincent: What are you doing here?
Catherine: I asked you first.
Vincent: What are you, like, six?

Vincent: I was just closing in on him – okay? – until you rammed your car into me.
Catherine: Well, it would have been justified, interfering with a police investigation.

Vincent: Is this another of your pep talks?
J.T.: Yes, and pretty soon, I'm gonna start charging you for them.


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