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Claire Sinclair
Biographical information


Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Family information
Romantic Exes

Evan Marks


Muirfield Agent



Work partner

Dr. Sorenson

Real world information
First appearance

Saturn Returns

Last appearance

Trust No One

Portrayed By

Kelly Overton


Claire Sinclair is a Muirfield agent. She and Evan Marks met online.


Claire is a master manipulator and a cold-blooded murderer.


A willowy woman with light, wheat brown hair and easy smile.


She is introduced as Evan's date, whom he met online. According to her online profile, she has climbed Mount Everest twice, has a Masters in Political Science, and a PhD in Economics. However, she is later revealed to be a Muirfield agent. Her assignment is finding Vincent Keller's whereabouts while keeping Evan from finding more about the vigilante he is investigating via the cross species DNA.

One day Claire shows up at Evan lab pretending to be there to have sex with him and manages to corrupt the DNA samples Evan was working on at the lab with J.T. Forbes.

Later, she manipulates Alex Salter into helping her track and subdue Vincent by playing on her desire to help Vincent. However, when Alex realize her mistake she helps Vincent escape. When Claire discovers that she had been betrayed, she tries to murder Alex in cold blood. However, Vincent returns and knocks her over and saves Alex.

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