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Evan Marks
Biographical Information
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
  • Gunned down by Kyle
  • Single
  • Lead Medical Examiner
Physical Description
  • Male
  • 6'2
Hair color:
  • Brown
Eye color:
  • Blue
Romantic Exes:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Max Brown
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Heart of Darkness
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Evan Marks was a main character on Beauty and the Beast. He was a medical examiner who worked with, and harbored an unrequited love for, Catherine Chandler.


Early Life

Evan's past is currently a mystery. What is known was that he was formerly from England, working there as a medical doctor, until one of his patients (a young girl) died on his table. This tragedy led to him changing professions from physician to medical examiner, and relocated to New York.

Season One

In the present he works as a coroner for the NYPD, however, recently he has shown that he is capable of performing complicated surgeries. He revealed this when he saved Catherine's life by performing a surgical procedure on her after she got shot. When Catherine recovered she pressed him for an answer, however, he refused to delve any information.

After stumbling upon a strain of Vincent's hair while examining Ashley Webster's body in the fall of 2012, Evan became aware of the existence of Cross-Species DNA. At first, he thought it was just corrupted DNA, and even told Catherine as much. However, after further investigation he came to realize that the DNA was in fact cross-species.

At first, Evan's interest could have been decided as merely curious. However, after he was kidnapped by Peter, his intern, who was really a serial killer, and hearing Peter die screaming as Vincent ripped him apart, his curiosity turned into obsession. He became convinced that the thing that saved him and killed Peter wasn't entirely human. He divulged his suspicions to Catherine, but instead of agreeing with him, she tried to convince him that it was just all in his head. Still, Evan was convinced that he was right and decided to continue his research in secret.

The day before Catherine's father's wedding, Evan swore Tess to secrecy and told her that he was working on a personal project on genetic mutations and that it was big, publishable big; revealing for the first time that he intends to publish his findings. He also promised Tess a finder's fee if he's ever given a big research grant in exchange for her help in identifying the person who broke into his lab a few days prior. However, the following day, Heather got drunk at the wedding reception and told Catherine that Evan had spoken to her about receiving a grant on DNA research. However, when Catherine confronts him, he reminded her that he never told her that he would give up his research. He also told her that the DNA samples from the cases that he had collected including her mom's were changing: the animal nucleotides were taking over from the human ones.

After saving Catherine's life later that night and catching a glimpse of a partially transformed Vincent running away from the scene of the incident, Evan became even more determined to prove that there was a creature running around New York killing people. However, since cross-species genetics was not his area of expertise, he had to enlist help. He chose to enlist J.T. Forbes, completely unaware that J.T. and creature aka Vincent were best friends, because he had read a paper J.T. had written in 2004 on cross-species DNA. He promised J.T. that he would share everything with him, even the spotlight.

Evan and J.T. later exhumed a body of one of Vincent's victims from a cemetery, acquiring samples from it to be tested in Evan's lab, where they confirmed it as proof that a being of Cross-Species is on the loose. While extracting the sample, Evan stated to J.T. that he wanted to "understand" the supposed creature, both its origins and motivations. And if possible, help it become normal if it so wishes to be. His words evidently had an effect on J.T., who was considering his options regarding his new partner. However, right after confirmation, Evan wanted to present his findings to Joe, intending to use the information to propose a task force for detaining the creature, telling J.T. that it was his (Evan's) duty to catch this entity, working as medical examiner and an upholder for the law in the NYPD. Unbeknownst to him, the woman Evan's been dating, Claire, secretly sabotaged the samples they took, corrupting them and rendering them unreliable; he never suspected J.T until later on.

He later suspects J.T. trying to usurp his efforts in obtaining a research grant, refusing to believe that by looking further into his findings, Evan was potentially drawing the attention of a secret organization that may very well be responsible for conceiving the Cross-Species creature, and will do anything to keep its existence a secret. So J.T was forced to blackmail him to stymied presentations to the National Genetics Association, leading to Evan ending their partnership. The air between the two of them cleared after Evan found a bug in his lab, confirming J.T's claims, becoming friendly with each other again.

In early 2013, Evan handover his Cross-Species DNA research to Muirfield and joined them in their hunt for Vincent. He rationalized his betrayal of those closest to him by claiming that it was to protect Catherine from the Vigilante.

Evan later discovers the identity of the Vigilante, after witnessing Vincent leap safely off the fire escape outside of Cat's place. More jealous than outrage for Cat having kept something like this from him, Evan gets into a heated conversation with Vincent down by the subway. By then, he still believes that Vincent was an artificially created being and as such, Cat, being normal, deserves better. After Vincent was tranquilized, Evan was forced to stay with Muirfield due to Gabriel Lowen suspecting Evan as a mole within the NYPD. He later wanders around the Muirfield facility, seeing several seemingly inhumane scientific experiments and specimen. Beginning to think that he's sided with the wrong people, he confronts a captive Vincent, telling the former soldier that their prepping him for experimentation so that they could carry on with more Cross-Species DNA experiments. Vincent wasn't surprised, and tells Evan further about his history, about the kind of people that runs Muirfield and how they affected other people's lives. Which was why J.T. did all he could to convince Evan not to get involve with them, surprising Evan that he knows the College Professor. Evan realizes his mistake and he attempted to free Vincent, but Kyle stops him and he begins to beat on Evan asking him who the infiltrator is. Evan only tells him, if he did know he wouldn't tell him and he might as well kill him. Kyle responds by shooting him in the stomach. Cat and Vincent found him and tried to escape with him, but there was a metal door blocking the exit which Vincent tried to break open. Evan then sent an e-mail and he tried to apologize to Cat and explain his actions. He knew that they needed more time to escape, so he kissed Cat on the cheek and walked up to the coming Muirfield soldiers and was shot multiple by Kyle, sacrificing himself so Catherine and Vincent could live.

It was revealed that the e-mail Evan sent was to Gabe stating that he was the mole and had been covering for the Vigilante the hole time, thereby removing any suspicion that Cat could be the mole and helping her even in death.


Evan was very charming and easy-going and lighthearted. He's also something of a lady's man. He had dated numerous women, all extremely attractive themselves, but seems to carry a torch for Catherine nevertheless. The two had a fun, flirtatious relationship that could have turned into something deeper - if not for Cat falling for Vincent.


Evan was tall and handsome, with pale skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. Evan was also always neatly and smartly dressed.

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