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Organisation information

Muirfield is a scientific orignazation that creates beast and sell them for money.


They intend to capture Vincent and use him to created more super soldiers.


Federal Bureau of Investigation


Muirfield is a company who is known to be part of a medical experiment conducted in Afghanistan using DNA manipulation to make super soldiers.

The experiment gave super strength to the soldiers but it spiralled out of control. As the experiment became a nightmare with uncontrollable changes in the soldiers, the company had to terminate the experiment and their human guinea pigs.

Vincent Keller is a surviving soldier of this experiment. However, since Muirfield has ordered the elimination of every soldier of this failed experiment, they are hunting him, and is the main reason he is hiding out.

Catherine Chandler's mother, Vanessa Chandler, was part of this experiment, whether willingly or unwillingly she helped create the beast that Vincent is.

Known Personnel

Image Name Status Notes
Assasins Two Unidentified Male Agents
Vincent killed them before they could shoot a nineteen year old Catherine in 2003.
Agent McCleary Agent McCleary
Vincent killed him to stop him from killing Catherine in 2012.
A male agent Unidentified Male Agent
Agent McCleary accidentally stabbed him to death.
A female agent Unidentified Female Agent
She was killed along with Agent McCleary.
Muirfieldagent1x2 Unidentified Male Agent
This agent rode his bike into Catherine's car and tried to kill her, but Vincent killed him before he could.
FBI Silverfox
Silverfox was sent to collect Agent McCleary's body. He had Catherine kidnapped but let her go in the hopes that she would change her mind and join him.
Muirfieldagent1x3 Unidentified Male Agent
This agent was one of Silverfox's men. Posing as a member of the medical examiners association, he gained access to Evan's lab and stole Vincent's DNA.
Agent Hernandez Card Special Agent Hernandez
In fall 2012, Catherine learn that he got transferred and that she would no longer by able to contact him.
Claire Claire
She dated Evan to gain access to his lab in order to corrupt his dna samples. Later, she manipulated Alex into drugging Vincent and then tried to murder Alex.
Dr Swanson Dr Swanson
Not much is known about him except that he's Claire's partner. His criminal actions includes killing Alex Salter's journalist friend, and threatening Evan.
Kyle Kyle
Not much is known about him except that he holds a very high position in the company.


  • Vanessa Chandler is believed to have been killed by Muirfield men.
  • They have tried to kill Catherine Chandler and later threatened her to give up Vincent and his whereabouts.
  • They seem to have strong connections within the government, able to cover up their actions. They are able to track information digitally.
  • They destroyed Catherine's office computer when they tracked back her search for information about Muirfield.
  • The last time Alex Salter was seen a muirfield agent was trailing her.
  • Evan Marks gave his cross-species research to muirfield because Dr Swanson promised him a position.

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