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Muirfield Medical Experiment

Presumably, early 2002


Ordinary soldiers were transformed into super soldiers.

"All I know it that they changed our DNA."
Vincent Keller. [src]

The united states government contracted a company called Muirfield to conduct a series of medical experiments on a small group of army recruits in early 2002. The aim was to create an army of super soldiers for the United States government, however, the experiment went horribly wrong.


A number of army recruits including Vincent, were injected with a serum capable of triggering genetic mutation, in a government operation designed to produce super-soliders. The soldiers were not informed of the true nature of the experiment instead they were told the injections contained vitamins, antibotics and steroids.

The experiment was an apparent success as recruits quickly manifested superhuman strength and agility and heightened senses. However, there were some unforeseen side-effects. Since the cross-species DNA used to produce the serum was unstable recipients soon began involuntarily transforming into a raging beast when they experienced a rush of adrenaline. The beast-like transformation remains in effect until the adrenaline rush has ceased.

While the recruits seemingly cannot control the onset of their transmutation, Vincent nonetheless displays a degree of self-control while in the beast state. He has targetted only Muirfield Agents and Criminals, or those who have threatened his loved ones or those closest to them. As his mutation continues and his animal DNA begins to become more dominant, it is not known if Vicent will be able to remain in control.It is not known if this trait is peculiar to Vincent or if other recruits could exercise similar restraint, since the status of the other recipients is still unknown.

Muirfield embarked upon a cleanup operation, an ongoing attempt to destroy all evidence of the project's existence and attempted to eradicate all the recruits who had been injected with the serum. Vincent is the only known fugitive. In 2003, Vanessa Chandler, Catherine's mother was murdered by two Muirfield assasins, as part of this clean-up operation because of her involvement in the project as head of the research team responsible for creating and administering the serum.


  • Pilot (First appearance) (Appears in flashback(s))

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