Rapid cell regeneration
Source: Human-Animal Physiology
Developed: 2003
  • None (normally)
  • Remove foreign object obstructs (when applicable)
Effect: Heal injuries quickly.
  • Physical Ability
  • This ability is classified as 'superhuman'.

Rapid cell regeneration is the ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes.


This ability came into being through genetic engineering. The subjects were injected with genetically-engineered animal DNA that caused their bodies to evolve and take on the creature's healing capability. However, Vincent Keller is the only Beast seen to use this ability.


Regeneration does not work correctly if a foreign object obstructs the wound. There is one example of this limitation and knowledge thereof;

  • Vincent Keller getting shot by Tess Vargas and having to remove the bullet before he could heal is an example of this.[1]

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