Special Crimes Unit
Organisation information

Joe Bishop


Somewhere in New York


Enforcing the laws, preserving the peace, and investigating crimes.


New York City Police Department


The Special Crimes Unit is taked with investigating crimes committed in new york city. Joe Bishop is the officer in charge of this precinct.


Joe's Office

As the person in charge of the precinct, Joe has his own private office.

General Work Area

The general work area is organized similar to an open office workspace.

The Medical Examiner's Office

Dead bodies are taken and examined in the area of the precinct. The chief Medical Examiner at the precinct is Evan Marks.

Interrrogation Room

A room where an interrogator ask questions to a suspect or a witness to get confession or facts about a given case.


  • Evan Marks in the Medical Examiner's Office.
  • General work area.
  • Outside the precinct.
  • ....

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