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Tess Vargas
Biographical Information
  • Alive
Physical Description
  • Female
Hair color:
  • Dark Brown
Romantic Exes:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Nina Lisandrello
First appearance: Pilot
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Tess Vargas is a main character of Beauty and the Beast. She is the best friend of Catherine Chandler.


Early Life

Tess has five brothers. According to her, two of her five brothers met their wives on the force. She was also once forced to partner with Detective Wolansky for two years.

After her partnership with Detective Wolansky ended, Tess gained a new partner, Catherine.

Season One

In late 2012, Tess became especially troubled by the feeling that Cat was keeping something from her, especially after Catherine started to sneak off and leave Tess behind while they're working on a case. This carried on for a while, until Tess was force to confront Catherine about her recent behavior after she disobeyed Joe and got herself suspended from the force and Tess assigned to desk duties. However, they made up a couple hour later after Catherine apologized and got their position back by solving Judge Hanson's murder case.

SaturnReturns 9
Tess and Joe in 2012.("Saturn Returns")

Tess and Joe, who's married, are having an affair with to each other. Once when Catherine came to her asking for advise on who to take to her father's wedding, Tess delved that she once took Joe to one of her brother's wedding.


Tess is a very forgiving, easygoing person. However, she can also be very sarcastic, direct, and outspoken, especially when dealing with criminals and suspects. Tess is having a secret affair with Joe, which may stem from low self-esteem in the dating department.


Tess is tall and attractive, with brown skin and long brown hair. 


Joe Bishop

Tess and Joe were having a secret affair during season one of the show though near the end Joe tries to make them go public only for Tess to pull away while his wife tried to pull him back as though knowing he was going to leave her.

J.T. Forbes

The first time J.T meet Tess he was speechless about her and during the season he slowly started to fall for her, during Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Tess skips out on Family Thanksgivimg dinner to hang out with J.T at his place, going through why men don't like her for being intimidating and not very girl like J.T admits his feelings by kissing her.

In Till Death J.T Sends Tess flowers and chocolates in an attempt to win her over, not knowing the flowers were from J.T she thinks someone is teasing Cat and her about there low case numbers though at the end they talk together and holds up a hotel room key and the episode ends.

In About Last Night J.T confronts Tess about there relationship in how they spent the night together and she left and has been pulling away since claiming that he is the last person in the world she ever thought she would end up with and how whenever they get closer she has to pull away because she doesn't think his her type but whenever there apart all she can think about is them together and she ends up kissing him leading to a make-out session.

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