The Season Three premiere of Beauty and the Beast (TV Series) is THIS WEEK. We can hardly contain our excitement. To celebrate, cook up a few of these dishes inspired by the show. Enjoy!

Create a juxtaposition at your party-- have the beauty AND the beast represented. Canapés are beautiful and delicate appetizers. Catherine also makes canapés for J.T.'s party- so they are the perfect appetizer for yours!


To represent the "beast"- make this meaty beef tenderloin for your party. It is pretty to look at AND delicious, just like a certain Vincent Keller that we know...


As a shout out to the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, make a blueberry pie in honor of the scene where the dishes dance in front of Belle.


We know that Catherine loves her Margaritas, so knock back a few at your party! Also, the margaritas remind us of Belle's yellow dress in the Disney movie.

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Do you have any tasty Beauty and the Beast themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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