The tough love between Catherine and Heather,

Catherine and Vincent,

Evan and his affection for Catherine,

Darius and Heather,

Joe and Darius,

between Tess and Joe,

Tess and Catherine,

Heather and her love for everyone she keeps losing,

Vincent's love for his lost brother,

even JT's love for his best friend Vincent.

Well done Writers of Beauty and the Beast. This episode showed so many parallels of tough love, it was a roller coaster ride.

It was all about making a tough choice for love and caring about the people in your life.

I wonder what next, will the man who was roughing Darius up,who escaped when Vincent showed up, be hunted by Muirfield and questioned? Or will Joe get there first. What will Muirfield do to stop Joe from getting to Vincent first? And where will Claire pop up next. She does seem to have a personal agenda in getting Vincent back before the authorities.

Emotionally Catherine is torn with her love for Vincent and her love for Tess and Heather.She still has a lot of explaining to do, especially to Evan who seem to have figured out quite a bit of the Vincent puzzle.

If Heather hooks up with Evan,that could open up a can of worms with Heather talking about Vincent and Evan wanting to know who Vincent is.

I am glad there is going to be a change of scenery in the future with Vincent on the run and going underground to hide.

I am looking forward to seeing the tension build and the net close in on Vincent by both Murifield with Evan's help and Joe wanting revenge for his brother's death.Who will get there first is the question. I'm sure Muirfield will stay a step ahead of the tracking with Evan on the inside of the police hunt for the vigilante.

And now that we know Vincent's brother William Keller was a husband, there must be the widow somewhere.Will we see more of Vincent's family, now that would be an interesting journey. Meet the Kellers!

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