Catherine helping Alex, typical Cat,she cannot leave someone to fend of on their own in dangerous situations.

Alex believing Claire, typical too, when you care about someone you want to believe there is a way to cure them. We always look for the miracle cure rather than lose the ones we love. There is every chance that Alex Salter could return later,may even be forced to work for Muirfield.

The scene where Claire meets Muirfield agent, does anyone else think that Claire has personal issues with Vincent Keller? The way her face changed when the agent mentions the death of the group that went after Vincent in the woods. I am thinking that she maybe a girlfriend or loved one of one of Vincent's mates from the Muirfield experiment.Maybe Muirfield convinced her Vincent killed her loved one. Or she could be related to one of the civilians who died,remember when Catherine confronted Vincent during baseball practice? She mentions she had no idea there were civilians involved.

Catherine looked sweetly embarrassed at the flash mob scene.

I really liked how the episode flowed. Even Tess,although she seems to hold Catherine to high standards of conduct while she has an affair with a married man.Issues Much, Tess!

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