Claire Sinclair ""we'll get to Vincent before the police and Muirfield will have everything to move forward"

This brings up the question, move forward to what? Until now we as viewers have assumed that Muirfield wants Vincent Keller dead, now I am not so sure. The possibility of them wanting Vincent alive seems more and more plausible.

Could they want him for more testing? Or is it that they need him on their side.

Maybe they have a target that needs to be eliminated. Maybe Vincent Keller is going to become a Jason Bourne like operative.Maybe Muirfieled has something to help Vincent control his beasting and be able to use the enhancements for something definitive.

Or JT and Evan Marks could be picked up by Muirfield for their operation,but which one of them will be ambitious enough to take up the offer?

Maybe Muirfield is up to no good and needs Vincent and samples from his body to try and recreate a better version of the beast for their field operations.

This line of storytelling has all the possibilities of a Ludlum Spy thriller. The Muirfield angle seems like a very interesting tangent for the story to take later on in the series (hopefully a second season)

Another thing I thought when I saw a critics opinion regarding Vincent not living underground like in the 80s series. I think 2012 Vincent could also be living underground later on in the series. Now that Muirfield seems to be getting closer to catching Vincent at the warehouse, there is every chance he will have to choose a new location,which could very well turn out to be underground.

Anyway I am hoping that the series keeps on getting more and more interesting, they seem to be doing quite well right now. They have so many paths to take in the coming episodes.

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