Hey, Beauty and the Beast fans, not much time before this show airs on October 11!!! Before the premiere though, let's make some predictions about what's going to happen and see who gets the closest to the truth!

  • Catherine Chandler and Vincent Keller are going to get together...but first there's gonna be a looot of tension between them!
  • Vincent's not going to be able to stay hidden forever! Question is...who's going to find out about him first? Our bet is either Tess Vargas or Cat's sister Heather.
  • Besides the romance, crime is part of this show too so we're expecting a lot of gritty action scenes and nasty criminals causing a mess!

Check out the preview here:

This new take on Beauty and the Beast looks pretty exciting and we can't wait for the premiere! What predictions do you have for the show? Share in the comments below!

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