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Vanessa Chandler
Biographical Information
  • Deceased
Cause of Death:
  • Assassination
  • Married
  • Doctor C
  • Infection Diseases Doctor
  • Muirfield
Physical Description
  • Female
Hair color:
  • Black
Romantic Exes:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Khaira Ledeyo
First appearance: Pilot
Appearance Count: 3
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Vanessa Chandler is the mother of Catherine Chandler. She was tragically murdered by two gunmen in 2003.


Time with Muirfield

In 2001, she along with other Muirfield doctors carried out an illegal genetic modification experiment on a small group of army recruits (one of whom was Vincent Keller). Their objective was to transform the test subjects into super soldiers using Cross Species DNA, which they did. 

However, soon after the super soldiers started to experience blackouts and aggression. Vanessa tried to make a serum to help them, but before she could complete it the soldiers had gotten so much out of control Muirfield had them all killed except Vincent, who managed to save her from the Colonel who tried to kill her and somehow got out of there together.

Sometime during her time with Muirfield she smuggled out a boy named Gabriel Lowen that had been experimented on.


On the night of her death, Vanessa received a call from her eldest daughter Catherine, who was experiencing car troubles, asking for her help. While helping Catherine two men pulled up and shoot her dead in front of her daughter. They then tried to kill Catherine; however, Vincent killed them before they could. (read more...)


Her death and the manner of her death drove Catherine to become a cop so that she could protect herself from the same faith. Before, Catherine was attending law school and studying to become a lawyer like her father. In 2012, nine years after her death, Catherine learns that Vanessa was involved in the botched government experiment that turned Vincent into a super soldier, and he became a target for assassination.


  • Vincent Keller agreed to help Catherine find out why Vanessa was killed.
  • It's a strong possibilities, that on the night of her death, Vincent might have been tracking her.

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