Vincent's Home
Location information

New York City


It is a big warehouse. It as a view of the brooklyn bridge.


Functions as a habitat. (formerly; blown up)


This warehouse is located on a street somewhere in New York City, USA. It was home to Vincent Keller and J.T. Forbes.


The warehouse is detached and has a ground-floor and a first-floor. The ground-floor was converted into a living room-type space, with a flat screen TV, PlayStation, etc. There is a set of concrete quarter landing stairs that lead to the first-floor. The first-floor serves as a living space, with a small kitchen, bathroom, library/laboratory (in the middle) and two bedrooms (on opposite sides of the floor) for Vincent and J.T. The front of the warehouse (Vincent's former bedroom) overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge.

Vincent & J.T. exploded the warehouse to fake Vincent's death so the police would stop hunting him for the murder of Darius Bishop.


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