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Vincent Keller
Biographical Information
  • Alive
  • Beast
  • Creature
  • The Vigilante
  • house boat
Physical Description
  • Male
Hair color:
  • Brown
Eye color:
  • Hazel/Brown (normally)
  • Gold (occasionally)
Skin color:
  • Pale
  • Scar on the right side of his face. (Season One)
  • William Keller †
  • Daniel Keller †
  • Michael Keller †
  • Unidentified Mother
Romantic Exes:
Superhuman Characteristics
Sensory abilities:
Physical abilities:
Character Information
Portrayed by: Jay Ryan
First appearance: Pilot
Episode count: All
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All I know it that they changed our DNA.

Vincent Ryan Keller is a Beast who is a main character on Beauty and the Beast.


A photo of Alex and Vincent. ("Seeing Red")

Early Life

We grew up together. Her (Alex), me, J.T, my brothers.

Little is known of Vincent's early life and childhood. He grew up in Astoria, Queens with two older brothers, William & Daniel, and two childhood friends named Alex Salter and J.T. Forbes.[1] Vincent, Alex, and J.T all remained friends well into adulthood. Vincent and J.T were even roommates in medical school. Alex and Vincent's relationship became romantic, and they got engaged. However, after the death of Vincent's brothers in the twin tower attacks in 2001, Vincent gave up his medical career to join the army and ended his engagement to Alex.

Military Career

After I lost both my brothers in the towers, I enlisted in the service. I had the chance to make a difference.
Vincent in Afghanistan
Vincent serving in Afghanistan. ("Pilot")

Vincent enlisted in the army in late 2001. When he arrives in Afghanistan, he gets tapped to join a project called Operation Muirfield. He was told that he was being injected with antibiotics, vitamins, and steroids that would protect him, when in fact, he was being injected with a serum designed to trigger rapid genetic mutation. This made him "stronger, faster, better." Moreover, they heightened his reflexes and all his senses. However, there were some unforeseen consequences – when his adrenaline started running high, he turns into a terrifying beast, unable to control his aggression.

One day, the recipients of these injections started to tear apart the military compound. Realizing they could not be controlled, the government gave orders to eradicate them all. At some point during the conflict, Vincent becomes lucid and goes in search of Vanessa Chandler, one of the doctors involved with the project. However, when he finds her, she's in a heated argument with a colonel, which quickly turns violent. Vincent manages to save her, gaining a scar on the right side of his cheek from the colonel. Vincent manages to survive the attack executed to kill his unit. The military, believing Vincent was dead, reports him killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan.

Missing years

Except you go out there and you save people.
A scared young Catherine sees Vincent.("Pilot")

Vincent came back to New York, where he reconnected with J.T., who hid him from Muirfield and the public eye. Vincent went into a self-imposed isolation, cutting off all contact from the outside world. He and J.T. worked to find a cure for his condition, but after multiple failures, Vincent gave up. In 2003, when Muirfield agents killed Vanessa and went after her daughter, Catherine, who witnessed the killing, Vincent saved her life by killing both the agents. After this, Vincent kept an eye on Catherine from a distance, making sure she was safe. From time to time, he also saved other people who were being attacked or harmed, earning a reputation as a vigilante.

Season One

In the first episode, Vincent sees Catherine come and question J.T. after Vincent's prints show up at a crime scene she's investigating when he tried to save the woman who was killed. Vincent recognizes her as the girl he saved nine years before. Eventually, Catherine comes back later on her own, and finds Vincent. He begs her not to tell anyone he's alive, and she leaves, but is intent on getting answers when she sees an article about her mom's death in his belongings.

Catherine meets a Muirfield agent for answers, but almost gets killed. Vincent is nearby, and mauls both her attackers before throwing them into the subway tracks. When Catherine chases him, she's almost hit by an oncoming train, but Vincent pulls her out of the way. Catherine realizes who he is. The two tentatively start a friendship and, despite his insistence for her to stay away, Vincent starts to find comfort in Catherine's company. Catherine is, at first, hard-pressed to stay away from Vincent, to the point that she takes a photo of his unit and tries to find information on Muirfield Vincent becomes angry, telling her he's not one of her cases. Catherine eventually realized her mistake, apologized to Vincent, and stopped looking into Muirfield. She became angry later, when Vincent was able to follow her around, but she couldn't even come and talk to him. Vincent later decided to ease up and let her contact him so that she could not feel left out.

Vincent would often find victims or suspicious people around the city, and let Catherine know so she could investigate. He also used to follow her to give her hints about cases she was investigating. The two became close over time. Vincent became protective of Catherine, and when she was abducted by Muirfield, in hopes she would lead them to Vincent, he saw that she was scared of him because of what they showed and turned himself in so she wouldn't get hurt. Catherine, though, shows up and helps Vincent avoid being captured and killing the Muirfield agents.

Vincent became jealous when her co-worker, Evan Marks, kissed her at her birthday party. However, she later told Vincent that she just wanted to have dinner with him rather than have a big party, and invited him over. When Vincent was heading over, he blacked out and woke up on top of Brooklyn Bridge. Scared about what it meant, he started to avoid Catherine, who in turn backed off, believing Vincent wasn't interested in her. After another blackout, Vincent wakes up, covered in blood.

J.T. runs tests to find out the cause, and Vincent is later shown to be violent when he blacks out. J.T. ends up having to tranquilize Vincent when he attacks him. He also finds out Catherine is investigating a murder near the same place where Vincent's blackout occurred. Though J.T. is hesitant to tell Catherine, Vincent finds her and explains what is happening. He is proven innocent, but when the real killer kidnaps Evan, Catherine asks for Vincent's help to save him. He goes into the subway tunnels with Catherine, but he has another blackout there, and ends up ripping the killer to shreds, saving Evan's life. He locks himself in a cage afterwards, and both he & J.T. believe Catherine is the trigger for the blackouts.

J.T. helps Vincent induce the blackouts to see if they can figure out what the trigger is. Vincent has flashbacks of his time in Afghanistan, and remembers Catherine's mother being part of the Muirfield experiments. They share this information with Catherine, who decides she wants to help them find out more. While he's under, Vincent finds out that the blackouts are actually a side effect of the experiments, and Vanessa was working on a serum to counter them. Catherine helps them locate the formula, and Vincent is cured of his blackouts. He & Catherine become close again. When Catherine shares how she wants Vincent to be her date for her father's wedding, he shows up and they share a dance. However, she later tells him that Evan found out his animal DNA is taking over his human DNA, and Vincent leaves.

Catherine goes after him, but ends up seriously hurt. Vincent pulls her out of her car, but leaves when Evan & her sister, Heather, show up. At the hospital, he visits her. While there, he runs into Alex, who is Catherine's attending nurse. He finds Alex later, and tells her not to tell anybody he's alive for they're both in danger. Catherine later finds out Alex has a stalker, and both she & Vincent think it's Muirfield. They later save her from the stalker, who was actually a former patient who became obsessed with Alex.

Vincent starts spending more time with Alex, realizing what his life could've been like if he hadn't been part of Muirfield. When he nearly gets caught by the police, Catherine saves him, but reams him out for being reckless and taking risks that would've put everyone in danger. In reality, Catherine doesn't want to admit that she's actually jealous of Alex. Eventually, though, she admits her feelings to Vincent. However, he chooses Alex.

When Muirfield tries to corner him & Alex while they're on a weekend getaway in the mountains, Catherine shows up to warn him. Eventually, they work together against Muirfield. When a stun grenade knocks out Catherine, Vincent is so enraged, he transforms and kills two of the agents, while Catherine shoots & kills the third. Alex sees him, and cannot stay with Vincent. Vincent later tells Catherine that he realizes the mistake he made choosing Alex over her. Though Vincent wants to make things right, Catherine doesn't know if she can trust him anymore. This doesn't stop Vincent from trying, as he tries to win her back with romantic gestures on Valentine's Day.

Muirfield tries to get to Alex, who drugs Vincent so they can take him away. However, when Catherine shows up, they convince her to let them go and later save her life when the Muirfield agent realizes what happened and tries to kill Alex. Catherine helps Alex disappear, but not before Alex lets her know that Vincent has always loved Catherine more. Just as they decide to pursue a relationship, Vincent & Catherine are caught by Heather. Things are awkward when the three dine with Heather's date, Darius. Vincent suspects Darius is hiding something.

Darius later turns out to be in debt to bookies, who attack him at club while he's with Heather. When she goes looking for him, the bookies knock her out and force Darius to shoot and kill her. Vincent jumps in and saves Heather's life, but accidentally kills Darius. This causes huge ripple effects, as Darius is the brother of Catherine's boss, who becomes vengeful and intent on finding his brother's killer. Catherine, though, knows the truth and decides to stay with Vincent, leading to their relationship becoming romantic.

A task force is set up to hunt down Vincent, and Catherine is assigned to it. Her partner, Tess Vargas, also is assigned, and ends up cornering Vincent when he is trying to escape. She tries to turn him in, but after Vincent saves her life and Catherine talks to her, she decides to keep Vincent's secret. Soon after, Catherine finds out that ADA Gabriel Lowen, the man in charge of the task force, is also an experiment of Muirfield, and is trying to find Vincent because he uses medication to control his beast transformations, and is hoping Vincent's blood can help him control it without the pills. Vincent agrees, and uses Gabe's medication to stop him from becoming a beast. He starts to believe he might have a "normal" life with Catherine, until J.T. figures out the pills will eventually kill him. Vincent, though, wants to believe he can take a chance to be happy with Catherine.

J.T. eventually finds out Gabe and his girlfriend, Tyler, are planning to kill Vincent to save Gabe. Gabe kidnaps Catherine to get to Vincent, and Vincent kidnaps Tyler. Vincent eventually leaves to find Catherine, and he & Gabe get into a fight when they "beast out." A helicopter eventually arrives, and shoots down Gabe. Vincent is captured in a net, and it's revealed his captor is Robert Reynolds, Catherine's biological father. Catherine tries to save Vincent, but he's taken away by Reynolds, his fate left unknown.

Season Two

Vincent re-surfaces in New York three months later, and Catherine tracks him down by getting J.T. to watch the city surveillance cameras. He is seen being captured by Li Zhao, a member of Muirfield, but he escapes and tries to kill Zhao. Catherine finds him at this point, along with J.T. and Gabe. They immediately notice he's changed, because he can now move fast enough to blur, and is more immune to tranquilizers. Catherine, J.T., and Gabe realize that his memory has been wiped out, and he can't remember any of them. Catherine leaves, but J.T. tries to keep him there, though Vincent leaves. Vincent is found to be carrying out hits on orders from Agent Reynolds, who anonymously poses as his handler. When Catherine shows up looking for him, Vincent decides to save her instead of killing Zhao. He brings her home; though he still can't remember her, he stays with her when she gets emotional.

Vincent later sneaks away and kills Zhao. Vincent next makes his way to Rikers, where he purposely drugs an inmate so he can interrogate him, posing as a doctor in the infirmary. Catherine follows him to Rikers, but Vincent kidnaps her, thinking she's trying to sabotage him. During this time, he softens his position about her; eventually, they become intimate. However, he leaves, saying he has work to do, though he doesn't specify what work. Catherine finds him at a club, where she realizes Vincent's on a mission to hunt down other beasts.

Vincent eventually comes to Catherine's apartment again, but becomes violent when she asks about his missions, and shoves Catherine away. He immediately regrets it, though, and leaves. He meets up with J.T., and asks him to tell Catherine that he's sorry for what he did. He sees her again on his boat, where she says she's willing to forgive him. He asks her for a second chance, and they agree to a date. Vincent goes to meet Catherine, but realizes she was actually on his boat to get information from his computer. He lies to Catherine, claiming he had a memory flash, but Catherine realizes Vincent's on to her. She tracks him down to an art gallery, where his target, Sebastian, is supposed to be. Vincent thinks she's out for revenge, but she clarifies that she's been protecting him, and is hurt at his accusation. Catherine and Vincent eventually corner and kill Sebastian. While saving Catherine, Vincent regains some memories of her. He later comes to Catherine's apartment, and reveals that he is starting to remember her; Catherine, though, decides to distance herself from him.

Gabe comes to Vincent later alone, and offers a solution that could get rid of his beast side that worked with Gabe. He wants to try it on Vincent, but he has to test it first. He points Vincent to Eddie Long, a pyromaniac beast. Vincent goes after him, but ends up getting knocked out. He's admitted to the hospital; while he's there, two arson officers show up to question him, and one happens to be Aaron Keller, Vincent's nephew. Vincent starts getting memory flashes of William, Aaron's father, and his family. He and Catherine later go to meet Aaron to help the arson investigators find Eddie. Aaron disappears when the targeted building is set on fire, intent on killing Eddie. Vincent goes in, and is able to save Aaron's life. In flashbacks, it's revealed that Vincent was trying to become a firefighter, like his brothers. However, when he and William almost got killed trying to evacuate a burning building, William told Vincent to go back to medical school for their mother's sake.

Catherine is attacked by a beast in her home, who is looking for Vincent. Vincent hears about the attack, and despite Catherine discouraging him, he intends to track and hunt the beast down. He finds the beast, who turns out to be Zach Hayes, a soldier in Vincent's unit who was presumed dead. Zach apologizes for trying to kill Catherine, but she doesn't trust him. Vincent, however, is desperate to regain his memories, and realizes Zach could help. While they're hanging out at an army bar, Zach asks if he recalls Gabriella, a waitress who worked there. Vincent starts to recall Gabriella, and Zach shows his true colors - he's bitter at the fact that Gabriella dumped Zach for Vincent, and he's now going after Catherine as revenge. Vincent wants to try and reason with Zach, but Reynolds calls him and reveals that Zach killed Gabriella, and he needs to be taken out. Vincent, though, still wants to reach out to him. Zach refuses to be swayed, and says he's going to kill Catherine to make Vincent suffer. Vincent goes to Catherine's high school reunion, where Zach shows up and tries to grab Catherine. Vincent, though, fights him off, and kills him. Vincent later finds out he only has two more missions to complete.

Vincent's next target is Curt Windsor, a high-profile businessman. Vincent tries to kill Curt, but is surprised by how strong Curt actually is. When Curt tries to hurt his daughter, Tori, in the struggle, Vincent pushes Curt off, then takes Tori away. Initially, he hides her out, hoping to trap & kill Curt. However, when Catherine shows up, Vincent agrees to let Gabe try and get rid of the beast in Curt. Catherine convinces him to, making him choose between being a beast or getting Tori back. However, before Gabe can try it, Curt transforms and attacks Vincent. He rips Curt's heart out, literally, killing him. Catherine becomes scared of him after this.

Vincent is sent to a warehouse for the next target, but realizes it's rigged. He figures out his handler is trying to kill him, as well. Gabe, J.T., and Tess try to help him & Catherine figure out who his handler is. When J.T. gets a lead to the FBI, Catherine says they should have dinner with Reynolds, who asked her to come over for Thanksgiving. Vincent comes over, albeit reluctantly. However, when Gabe and Tori later show up, Vincent reveals his beast side, and so does Tori, who discovered she inherited it from her father. Vincent realizes that Tori amplifies his beast powers somehow. He ends up kissing Tori, and Catherine sees. Vincent leaves after finding out Tori is the next target. However, he finds her apartment rigged, and realizes that Reynolds is his handler. He and Tori manage to get out before the bomb explodes.

Vincent meets a relieved Catherine at her apartment; she tells him they need to arrest Reynolds, not kill him. She asks for Vincent's help to track down the bomb maker. With Tori's help, Vincent finds him, but Tori kills him before they can use him to trap Reynolds. Tori encourages Vincent to go after Reynolds on his own and not listen to Catherine. Catherine eventually arrests Reynolds, but Vincent intercepts her car, and tries to kill Reynolds. Catherine holds him at gunpoint, begging him not to kill to show he still has his humanity. Vincent still tries to kill Reynolds, and Catherine shoots him, ending their relationship. He gets away, and Reynolds is jailed.

Vincent, afterwards, is bleeding out heavily, but refuses to go to the hospital for fear of being exposed. Vincent goes to J.T. for help. However, Catherine later reveals J.T. got arrested. Meanwhile, Tori finds out someone else knows about beasts. Vincent tries to leave to see the store Tori was blackmailed about, but Catherine and Tori protest he's in no condition to. When he refuses to listen, Catherine tranquilizes him. Vincent is revived by J.T., and heads to the store, where he saves Tori. Catherine calls the police so Vincent is treated for his gunshot wound. With encouragement from Tori, he comes forward to the press.

Vincent gains popularity as a war hero, but does not enjoy the attention that comes with it. However, when J.T. is attacked for the shackle that was found in the store, Vincent shifts his focus. He also finds out the skeleton found with the shackle has similar DNA to him. Vincent tracks and corners the thief, then kills him after finding out they're trying to steal a gem from the Russian consulate. Vincent gets into the consulate, and finds Catherine there, working undercover with the thieves to recover the gem. He takes the gem before Catherine can, and finds out the shackle and gem fit together to make a "beast collar."

Vincent purposely goes public with Tori, getting photographed so someone will notice the gem and come after it. It's also noticed by FBI Agent Dana Landon, who sent Catherine undercover to recover the gem. She tells them to retrieve it from Tori. When Tori won't hand it over, Tess and Catherine arrest her. Gabe & Vincent end up killing the thieves trying to get the gem. Gabe shares how the gem was stolen in the 1800s, and it was investigated by Rebecca Reynolds, Catherine's ancestor. Gabe later finds out that Catherine, Tess, and the precinct were taken hostage by the rest of the gang, trying to get the gem. Vincent sneaks in, and manages to find Catherine. The two get into an argument about how the gem would answer questions for both of them: Vincent about his present, Catherine about her past. Catherine reams him out for not caring about the other people being held hostage, saying the "old Vincent" would have cared.

Vincent looks to be leaving with the gem and Tori, but changes his mind and turns himself over to the thieves with the gem. He transforms when they start searching him for a weapon, but Catherine is able to turn off the power, helping Vincent quell the thieves and retrieve the gem. When the leader tries to strangle Catherine, Vincent can't transform to help her. Catherine realizes the gem is preventing him. The leader is killed by an outside sniper before he can give up who hired him. Vincent realizes someone else knows about beasts, and wants the gem to control one. He decides to stop his animosity, and work with Catherine to find the gem; the two become friends again.

While Vincent works with Catherine and the others to find the gem, it causes friction between him & Tori. When Vincent goes to talk to her, he finds out she tied up Dana because she was searching Vincent's place. While they're arguing, they reveal their secret to Dana, but she keeps quiet because she wants to find out who killed her husband, Sam. J.T. ends up getting kidnapped, and Vincent finds out they are trying to get a beast. Though Vincent wants to track him, Gabe warns him that he might be walking into a trap. Eventually, the group splits up to find J.T. Vincent finds him in a dungeon, but discovers that Tori got there already, trying to save J.T. When Vincent finds Tori, he sees that her blood was drained to create a beast serum; she dies soon after. J.T. later comes by Vincent's place, and the two of them re-connect, reminiscent of when the two hung out while Vincent was in hiding.

Vincent hides out at his place with J.T. He avoids Catherine, who is now dating Gabe. However, she comes by asking for his help to find the person who ordered J.T. to create the beast serum. She & Vincent find a cave under the dungeon where J.T. and Tori were held with a crematorium. Catherine shares her suspicions that Gabe is hiding something from her. Vincent becomes suspicious when they find out the remains are all people who grew up in the same orphanage as Gabe, and were possibly Muirfield experiments. Vincent finds the beast serum J.T. made at Gabe's house, and confronts him about it when Gabe's with Catherine. He later realizes Gabe was set up by Sam Landon, who is alive and believed to be an innocent prisoner in the scheme. Vincent feels guilty afterwards for being suspicious of Gabe, and eventually admits to J.T. that he's still in love with Catherine. At Sam & Dana's vow renewal, Vincent finds a bomb rigged to explode, and Gabe suggests they let it go off so Sam will carry out his plan. Vincent saves both Gabe and Catherine before the bomb explodes, though Sam believes Gabe died.

While Gabe is hiding out, Catherine & Vincent track Sam to the hospital where Vincent did his residency. Vincent starts to act more human when he saves a teenager's life that was suffering from internal bleeding; this is noticed by Catherine. She finds out Sam injected a patient with the beast serum, but he didn't transform and is now slowly dying. Catherine tries to find out why from her father, and Vincent poses as a doctor to get into the patient's room and get a blood sample for J.T. to analyze. Catherine finds out that certain people are predisposed to becoming beasts when injected with a serum, and that the group of kids from the orphanage Gabe grew up in will have this. Sam is able to find one of the orphans and turns him into a beast. Catherine asks Vincent to track down the beast. However, Vincent tries to talk him down; Sam's beast gets the upper hand and knocks out Vincent before escaping. Vincent later tells J.T. what happened, and says he's acting this way because that's what Catherine would want. J.T. is able to create an antidote for the beast serum, and Vincent sneaks into the hospital to give the antidote to the patient, saving his life.

Gabe tries to find Sam's beast, but Sam ends up kidnapping him, too. Vincent helps Catherine track down Sam to where he's holding Gabe, but Vincent is unable to fight off the beast, Jacob. Before Jacob can inject Gabe, Catherine shoots and kills him. Catherine finds out Sam is looking to create a beast for revenge against the people who killed his son. Vincent also realizes that Sam is able to make sure that he can't track him down using his beast senses. Vincent is unsure of what to do to convince Catherine to take him back. However, J.T. tells him to stop trying to do what Catherine wants, and do what he wants, for a change. Vincent decides to find the new beast Sam has created, and try to save him. Gabe, Catherine, and Vincent track down Sam and the other beast, Xavier. While Catherine is able to arrest Sam, Vincent is able to save Xavier, who is revived free of the beast DNA. After Sam is arrested, Catherine comes to Vincent's place, and says she's with Gabe now, and says goodbye to Vincent. However, the two of them end up in bed together that night.

Catherine leaves before Vincent wakes up, saying it was a mistake. Vincent, though, is determined to fight for Catherine, who is not sure she can trust him anymore. When Sam breaks out of prison, they shift their focus to finding him. Eventually, they track him to a masquerade ball, which Gabe, Catherine, and Vincent attend. Vincent asks Catherine to give him a second chance, because he's changed and can be the man she once believed him to be. Catherine doesn't give him an answer, more intent on finding Sam. Gabe finds out that Sam is going after a group of "power brokers," who helped run Muirfield and other experiments to create beasts. They were willing to do anything to create beasts as weapons, including letting Sam's son die.

Catherine & Vincent find Sam after he's injected a group member and ordered him to kill the whole group. Vincent is able to stop him. Despondent over not fulfilling his revenge, Sam contemplates suicide. Vincent encourages him to help Catherine & Gabe put the group behind bars for everything they've done because it's the right thing to do. Sam still chooses to jump, but Vincent saves him. Catherine realizes Vincent has changed and breaks up with Gabe, as a result; when she comes home later, Vincent is waiting, and the two reunite. However, the following morning, Vincent is arrested for Curt's murder.

Catherine believes Gabe set Vincent up, but then begins to suspect her father did. When Vincent is booked, Catherine shows up and takes the DNA samples, then gets J.T. to swap them out. She also locates the gem to give to Vincent so he's not able to change. Catherine later finds out there's enough evidence to convict Vincent. She decides to come forward as a witness to prove the murder was self-defense, at the risk of losing her badge. Vincent refuses to let her do this, and deliberately starts a fight to get hurt in jail, and later escapes from the ambulance transporting him. Catherine finds him on the roof of her apartment, where he says goodbye, but wanted one last night with her. However, Gabe comes by with evidence that could prove Vincent's innocence. When he & Catherine go to find their suspect, they discover he's dead. Catherine then decides to run away with Vincent. Before they can escape, though, the police surround her place, and Catherine tells Vincent to go alone because she'll slow him down and he'll get caught. Vincent leaves, but promises he'll come back for Catherine.

J.T. and Tess meet Vincent at a restaurant later, and inform him that Catherine is missing, possibly kidnapped. J.T. is able to distract the police while Vincent sneaks into Catherine's apartment to track her. Gabe shows up, though, and holds Vincent at gunpoint. Vincent then realizes Gabe tipped the police off about where he was, and is no longer on their side. He leaves to find Catherine. Vincent eventually tracks Catherine down to an abandoned warehouse, where they run from her kidnappers. Catherine reveals that they're FBI agents, and they want her & Vincent's help to find an agent who was abducted by a terrorist cell. Catherine, though, believes they're just trying to capture Vincent. Vincent is reluctant to leave town without Catherine, but she feels like they have no option. Vincent, though, convinces Catherine to go to the FBI agents who abducted her, because they were willing to exonerate Vincent.

Vincent & Catherine then meet up with FBI Agent Knox, and Vincent confirms that he's telling the truth about having an agent kidnapped and needing their help. Agent Knox promises to get Vincent exonerated if they can help rescue his agent. They're able to rescue the agent and get her to safety, then escape from the building without getting caught. Agent Knox thanks them, but reveals that someone blocked his attempt to get Vincent exonerated; Catherine & Vincent both realize it was Gabe. While Agent Knox works to get Vincent exonerated, he decides to stay so he can be near Catherine. Though scared for his safety, Catherine agrees, because she doesn't want to be separated from Vincent again.

Gabe has both Tess & Catherine suspended. Vincent realizes Gabe is trying to back him into a corner, and Catherine suggests they find something that will put the heat on Gabe. They manage to find an old murder case, and Vincent uses his senses to figure out that there was a witness who can I.D. Gabe as the murderer. Meanwhile, Heather comes back to town, sharing the news of her engagement, and is furious when she realizes Catherine is still dating Vincent, even though he's a fugitive. Gabe finds out about Catherine and Vincent's digging, and tries claiming Vincent was the murderer, and Heather was a witness. The victim's brother kidnaps Heather while she's shopping for a wedding dress, and traps her & Vincent with a bomb, wanting to kill them both. Vincent transforms and is able to save Heather's life. Realizing who he is, Heather keeps Vincent's secret, and reconciles with Catherine. Meanwhile, Catherine finds the witness who I.D.'s Gabe. However, before he can testify, Gabe kills the witness.

Vincent & Catherine try to find where Gabe took the body in order to convict him. However, Vincent is recognized on the street, and has to run. The two run to Agent Knox for help, and he offers to put them in a witness relocation program. Vincent & Catherine move to the suburbs, but they are unable to maintain a low profile, as a murder happens right across the street, and the two get involved to uncover the conspiracy behind it. They eventually return to the city to avoid being caught. Meanwhile, J.T. and Tess find out that Gabe has become so obsessed with getting Catherine back, he's gone insane.

Agent Knox says that Vincent will be exonerated if he turns himself in, which Vincent agrees to. Meanwhile, J.T. and Tess find out that Gabe went to a reporter, Beth Bowman, also Catherine's high school friend, and told her everything about Vincent; Beth hounds Tess for answers. Catherine goes to Gabe, hoping the fact that he's fixated on her will work in her favor. She gets him to have Beth back off, but only if she agrees to a date with him. Catherine agrees, but only to protect Vincent. With Heather's help, Vincent gives a speech to the press and turns himself in. However, Beth speaks up, asking about his mutated DNA and being a super soldier. Though she's shut down, Catherine realizes it was because Gabe overheard her talking about her plan after he dropped her off after their "date." Vincent tells Agent Knox what Beth said was true. Agent Knox agrees to get Vincent into a solitary cell, while Catherine agrees to Vincent's request to stay away from Gabe.

While Vincent is in his cell, two agents come in, claiming they were sent by Knox, to run some tests on Vincent. He agrees to go, but doesn't expose himself. However, when he hears Catherine's voice coming from another room, he finds out that the team who took him is not working for Knox because he called Catherine, asking where Vincent is. Vincent demands to know who they're really working for, but when he sees Catherine go into Gabe's place demanding answers, Vincent loses it, and transforms in a rage. However, he passes out because the agents were prepared. He wakes up in a stretcher, and realizes they were watching Gabe because he's a threat. He offers to neutralize the threat so they will let him go, and he would go back to his cell after killing Gabe. They agree and let him go.

Vincent arrives at Gabe's apartment, and finds Catherine desperately trying to resuscitate Gabe; they got into an argument, and she ended up beating him till he was unconscious. She asks for Vincent's help to save him. He does in order to calm Catherine down. Knox later gets in touch with Vincent, and reveals that he's been exonerated by whoever took him out of the cell. Meanwhile, Heather decides she wants to press charges against Gabe for her kidnapping, and Catherine threatens to expose him if he ever tries to hurt Vincent again. Vincent and Knox later come back to the same place Vincent was taken to, and find it completely empty. Vincent realizes the agents took a hair and blood sample while he was unconscious. Catherine finds Rebecca had a journal, which was with Gabe, and that Rebecca was also in love with a beast named Alistair, and she talks about feeling like she had to kill him. Vincent tells her not to dwell on it, as it's the past.

J.T. later comes to Catherine's apartment, and reveals that Gabe became a beast again, injecting himself with beast serum, and killed Beth the same way Vincent killed Curt. Catherine tells Vincent that Gabe is trying to provoke Vincent into going after him, the way Rebecca believed Alistair was being goaded into going after a beast who was framing him. Gabe also kills Agent Knox in the same brutal manner, and Vincent goes after Gabe, against Catherine's wishes. Catherine, J.T. and Tess are able to find Vincent, tranquilizing him before he can get to Gabe. Catherine locks Vincent in the dungeon, and uses the gem to make sure he can't escape the way Rebecca did to Alistair. Though Vincent tries to stop her, Catherine leaves. Vincent tries to get out, but is unable to. However, Catherine comes back and lets him out, realizing her mistake. She asks Vincent to work with her to stop Gabe instead of pushing her away. Vincent agrees.

Catherine and Vincent go to find J.T., who is compiling evidence to convict Gabe. However, they find him mauled after Gabe attacked him. Vincent is furious about this, and tries to go after Gabe alone, but Catherine convinces him not to. Together, the two of them are able to trap Gabe; before the police can arrest him, though, Catherine kills him in self-defense. The evidence, though, is enough to clear Vincent and get Catherine reinstated.

When they check on J.T., Tess says the prognosis is not good, and doctors think he won't make it. However, they come to his room, and find out he'll recover. Vincent later recognizes the doctor as Agent Thomas, the man who took him out of his cell. Thomas & Agent Barnett tell them that there are other threats in the world that are worse than beasts, and they want Vincent & Catherine to join them to fight these threats. They leave and give Vincent & Catherine time to think.

Vincent & Catherine later sit at a park, without having any threats looming over them. They both enjoy the moment - no longer having to run from the past or worry about their future, and finally able to be together the way they always wished they could be.


Vincent is somewhat of a loner, often keeping to himself. He is intelligent and resourceful. He was very close to his family growing up, and only had a few friends. Being the youngest brother, he looked up to both his older brothers. When they were killed, Vincent was angry, and became distant from many people, as a result. After he became a Muirfield experiment and realized the experiment was going awry, he withdrew into himself, becoming isolated from the world and self-loathing. When he saved Catherine and other people, though, he was given some little relief, knowing that he could still be caring & compassionate. Still, he was trying to cling to his human side in whatever way he could. When he & Catherine became friends and eventually fell in love, Vincent started to break his isolation and streak of self-loathing. He was willing to do anything to get rid of his beast side so he could stay with Catherine, and though there wasn't success, Vincent was able to cling to hope again that he could have a life.

When Vincent is kidnapped and has his memory wiped, he is emotionally detached and his beast side is more prominent. He starts killing people ruthlessly. Though his vigilante tendencies are still there, killing to protect the innocent, Vincent still seems more violent and angry. However, when he starts regaining his memories, and spends more time with Catherine and J.T., he shows that his humanity is still there. He chooses to be a beast and "cross the line," until Catherine stops him. Seeing her interference as a betrayal, this, along with his relationship with Tori, makes Vincent become more aggressive and his beast side becomes all-consuming. However, he starts to loath the way he is soon enough, and is desperate to somehow find a way to live without depending on his beast abilities. After Tori dies, he starts embracing his humanity again, becoming more focused on saving the innocent rather than killing the guilty. Despite him wanting to take the law into his own hands, as he once used to, he listens to Catherine when she asks him not be "judge, jury, and executioner" again. When he & Catherine reunite, he starts to become the person he once was again, showing his humanity more than his beast side.

Physical appearance


Catherine Chandler

Catherine is the love of Vincent's life. She represents what Vincent wants to be and desperately wishes he was - human. Watching over her for many years to make sure she was safe, Vincent is reminded that his humanity is still there. Catherine was the first person who accepted Vincent after what he had become. Though habits kicked in, and he pushed Catherine away because of his tendency to withdraw, Catherine refused to leave, and he became able to accept how he lived because of their love.

After he's kidnapped and has his memory wiped clean, he tends to lean towards being a beast more than being a man, and Catherine desperately tries to get him to remember wanting to hold onto his humanity. However, Vincent chooses to be a beast, becoming violent & aggressive. His decision takes an emotional toll on both of them, and they end their relationship. After their break-up, Vincent's dark side is shown, consumed by anger and rage, and ruthless in his actions. He even threatens to hurt Catherine when he spent years protecting her. However, he comes to realize his mistake of choosing to be a beast, and resolves to be a better person for Catherine. Though Catherine is hesitant to take him back, Vincent doesn't give up and fights for a second chance with her, rather than back off as he used to. Though this creates inner turmoil for him to decide whether to be man or beast, Vincent is able to prove he's regained his humanity to Catherine, and they reconcile.

Catherine put her life, professionally and personally, at risk to protect Vincent from being exposed. This causes a conflict for Vincent, who risks his life to protect Catherine, often against her wishes. Vincent has told Catherine that he’s able to control his beast side only because of her. He’s also more likely to lose control if he realizes Catherine is in danger. Vincent has saved Catherine from being killed, but it was Catherine who saved Vincent from himself. 

J.T. Forbes

J.T. is Vincent's best friend. The two grew up together, and J.T. understands Vincent more than anybody. When Vincent returned from Afghanistan as a beast, he came to J.T. because he was "the only person Vincent could trust."[2] J.T. lived out in an abandoned area, and provided Vincent with a place to hide from Muirfield and the public. He did around-the-clock research on Vincent's DNA, trying to help him find an antidote to reverse the beast transformation. Though he knows Vincent would never hurt him, he knows that he can be out of control. Eventually, J.T. reveals that the reason Vincent was chosen for Muirfield was because J.T. put his name on the list, hoping to help Vincent would have an advantage in battle. Realizing the mistake he made, J.T. put his life on hold for years in order to assuage his guilt. Vincent still calls J.T. his best friend even after he finds this out.

Tori Windsor

Tori was Vincent's girlfriend. She was also a beast, except she was born with her powers, though she didn't realize she had them till she was an adult. When she found out, she felt like an outcast, as Vincent did. Tori feels like no one else can understand what she's going through but Vincent, and was dependent on him. Her powers amplified Vincent's, and made him more prone to turning into and acting like a beast. She intentionally tries to separate him & Catherine by exploiting the fact that Catherine doesn't know what it's like to be beast the way she does so Vincent would choose her.

Vincent's relationship with Tori is defined by their combined beast power and what they're able to do with them. However, when he sees the full effect of all his combined beast powers, Vincent doesn't find any satisfaction in them. He pushes Tori away, and she tries to make amends by trying to save J.T. when he's kidnapped, though Vincent doesn't want her help. Unfortunately, Tori walks into a trap, and when Vincent finds her, she is slowly dying. With her last breath, Tori tells Vincent he belongs with Catherine, apologizing for coming between them. Vincent felt responsible for her death, knowing she was trying to prove herself by helping him. Catherine represents Vincent's human side; Tori represents his beast side.

Alex Salter

Alex was Vincent's fiancee before he enlisted and was experimented on by Muirfield. He broke off their engagement before being deployed, but Alex still loved him, and remained loyal to him, even after he was presumed dead. When he met her again, she was hoping to pick up where they left off, not realizing Vincent had feelings for Catherine. When Alex gave him a chance to get his old life back, he decides to be with her. However, when Alex figured out what he actually was, she couldn't stay with him, realizing he wasn't the same man she fell in love with. Vincent realized that being with Alex was never about her, but about the life he had with her - the life he wished for. J.T. and Alex both say that Vincent was trying to bring closure to his relationship with Alex because it was unresolved, and he finally was able to end it so he could move on with Catherine.

Enhanced abilities

  • Superhuman Strength - Vincent has the ability to exert a level of strength far greater than the finest Olympic weight-lifter, being able to tear a car door off and the snapping of a mans neck (albeit accidentally) with a mere shove. This ability is further strengthened when Vincent is in his 'savage form' and also extends to the muscles in his legs.
    • Super Leap - Vincent's superior strength also applies to the muscles in his legs allowing him to jump incredible distances/heights and propel himself with enough force to damage a concrete wall.
  • Superhuman Speed - Vincent has the ability to move at speeds faster than the human brain can process making him appear like a blur, the exact extant of this ability has not yet been identified. This ability, coupled with his superhuman stamina, allows him to perform extraordinary feats such as; dodging gunfire at mid to close range, catching a falling glass and escaping from an area in a short amount of time.
  • Superhuman Stamina - Vincent has an incredibly bolstered amount of stamina which allows him to maintain continuous physical action for several hours before physical exhaustion sets in, this ability allows him to use his superior physical abilities at their full potential.
  • Rapid cell regeneration - Vincent, due to the presence of transgenes, has the ability to heal from wounds at a much greater speed above which a humanly possible, from cuts in seconds to a gunshot wound within hours (albeit after the bullet was removed). This along, with a bolstered metabolism, allows him to be close to immune from disease and highly resistant to the effects of normal drugs/tranquillizers.
  • Superhuman senses - Vincent, due to his transgenic status and the presence of animal DNA, has a number of highly refined and superior senses, these include but aren't limited to:
    • Superhuman Vision - Vincent has the ability to view things in a greater detail than any human ever could, this allows him to see the perspiration and dilation of a woman's pupils from the top of a large building; it is unknown however if he can see into other visual spectrums.
    • Superhuman Hearing - Vincent has the ability to hear things on a much greater range than humans, as well as inaudible sounds. This allows Vincent to hear a conversation from blocks away and hear the increase in heartbeat from the top of a large building.
    • Enhanced Sense of Smell - Vincent has the ability to smell scents that are above that of a humans ability, this allows him to smell scents (and thus track people) in a city with scents that are days old, the ability to smell poison running through a woman's veins and able to identify someone who has someone else's blood on them.
  • Memory Recall - Vincent has the ability to remember and recall experiences and events perfectly accurately, no matter how much time had passed since the memory was formed. He can also go through his recalled memories in perfect detail to pinpoint or find things he has initially dismissed.
  • Ability Augmentation - Vincent has the ability consciously control his blood flow and their hemoglobin content to heighten specific senses.

Using his abilities


  • Superhuman Durability - The ability to withstand high amounts of pain when injured.
  • Metamorphic Ability - This ability allows him to transforms into a beast like form when attacked and provoked.
  • Beast Form - In this form Vincent's eyes glow yellow, his fingernails extend into long claws, his rows of teeth become pointed and his voice become deeper mirroring his angry and primitive persona. Vincent's transformation is a beast like form.
  • Aggression - When angered or in distress she becomes more savage and aggressive, and even more so in his beast form.
  • Night Vision - Vincent has the ability to see clearly in the dark.


  1. Vincent's life prior to joining the army is told in flashbacks and through conversations. The first of these flashbacks took place in the Pilot.
  2. Stated in 2.01 Pilot

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